Does anyone know what kind of vocoder The Faint uses, in either live performance or in studio.

i got my hands on an Electrix warpfactory, works great but just wonderin if theres somethin better, like what they use.
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Hollywood, long beach, pomona

were those shows amazing or WHAT!?

Went to the hollywood show, with ladytron and ratatat and DJ steve aoki.

then Long Beach with Ratatat

then Pomona with deadly syndrome and Passage.

three nights IN-A-ROW

Got to meet Dapose and speak with Clark and probly coulda snuck a handshake or pic with the rest of the fellas but didnt want to bother them or be TOO fanatic.
but Dapose was chill he was more than willing to take a pic and say hello, as was clark.
the guys left the venue mid day to walk down to amoeba, when they came back we managed to get to meet both of em.

click some shots and other stuff, click

i dont know if i should be saying anything, nor will i give too much away, like my source (but trust me its genuine) but we may have to wait a lil while for the new album.

hopefully not as long as expected but could be after the summer.. thats all im gonna say.

so see ya all next year, durin the next tour.
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